AN OPEN LETTER TO TERRENCE HOWARD: Essayist/author Steven Ivory says actor’s ‘Flow’ on Katrina victims is ‘offensively misinformed.’

Dear Mr. Howard:

On Monday evening, September 5th–Labor Day–while attempting to channel-surf myself a reprieve from Hurricane Katrina, I came upon the David Letterman Show. When I saw that you were on promoting your film, “Hustle and Flow,” I figured I’d stay tuned.

I enjoyed your interview, during which you emphasized that “Hustle” is not just about a pimp trying to become a rapper, but the saga of a man trying to make a better way for himself.

Then you brought up New Orleans.

Principally, you remarked that the Hurricane Katrina victims in that city were waiting on someone to give them something, instead of doing for themselves…

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