The publication of James H. Cone’s Black Theology & Black Power (1969) is approaching 40 years in print. This shirt celebrates its publication and its relevance even today.

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Also be sure to get Black Faith and Public Talk: Critical Essays on James H. Cone’s Black Theology & Black Power, edited by Dwight Hopkins.

As the 1960’s progressed, James Cone felt torn by a feeling of “twoness.” He was an AME preacher, a Christian theologian – and a student of Malcolm X.

Filled with rage against the white church and his own inability to see God at work during the turbulent times, Cone sat down in 1967 to write the essay “Christianity and Black Power.” It marked the beginning of a theological journey that would be a radical break with his upbringing and education.

He rented a room at his brother’s church in Little Rock, Arkansas, and, in just one month, wrote Black Theology and Black Power. Cone felt himself channeling the Holy Spirit as he wrote. “I just felt myself driven by the truth, the truth of black history and culture and what it had to say about the nature of black faith in the struggle for justice”.

His book revolutionized the black church and articulated a way for black ministers to be relevant in the ongoing struggle. Black Theology taught that the Christian gospel carried a message of freedom, and that Jesus was the Liberator, fighting on the side of the oppressed throughout the world – particularly in the United States. Black Theology placed Christ firmly in the ghetto, and gave blacks the power, the “soul,” to “destroy white racism.”