A lone protester has interrupted a commemorative service at Westminster Abbey marking the 200th anniversary of the act to abolish the slave trade.

The event, attended by the Queen and Tony Blair, was almost over when human rights campaigner Toyin Agbetu began shouting: “This is an insult to us.”
He condemned African Christians for taking part and told them to walk out.
The service resumed minutes later after security guards led him outside where he is believed to have been arrested.Mr Agbetu, 39 – a campaigner for Ligali, an African-British human rights organisation – did have a valid ticket for the service, according to the abbey.

“He came through security checks, the scanners. I’m convinced we did everything correctly,” said Maj-Gen David Burden, the abbey’s receiver-general.

In such cases they would let the man speak before leading him out, he said. “It was not the place to manhandle someone,” he added.

Once outside, Mr Agbetu spoke briefly to the media, saying the Queen had to say sorry for her ancestors.

“The monarch and the Government and the church are all in there patting themselves on the back,” he said.