Remy Ma | The BX Savior

Remy Ma | The BX Savior

I’m confused on this one. I’m just trying to figure out what they’re trying to communicate.

I admit that I haven’t followed Remy Ma’s work too closely, but from what I’ve heard I haven’t been all that impressed. She has some skills, but I can’t seem to get passed her lack of respect for veteran emcees.

Hip-Hop religious irreverance has produced some crass and some thought provoking re-interpretations of Christian iconography. Some have just been flat out confusing. I think this mixtape art falls into the latter category.

Considering the plight of women in hip-hop, the church, and society at large, a black female Christ figure could be a powerful critique of attempts to control black women’s bodies on theological grounds (See Yo Mama’s Last Supper).

But when the tag line is:“Y’all bitches workin on y’all albums go back to the studio immediately.” I have to ask, “Why?” So they can get crucified too?