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Convention focuses on churches, change
Black Presbyterian Caucus to wrap up at First African
by Jennifer Phillips, Philadelphia Tribune Staff Writer

During this week’s National Black Presbyterian Caucus Convention, many attendees said they were challenged to think about how congregations can better address issues such as evangelism, youth retention and how to keep churches thriving in a changing society.

The convention closes July 15 with a special worship service at the First African Presbyterian Church, which will also commemorate the congregation’s 200th anniversary.

During the week, convention participants including clergy, elders, scholars, youth and laypersons covered a variety of issues in discussion groups, many of which were brought to the forefront at a town hall meeting/discussion group-wrap up session Friday morning.

Representatives from the different groups provided thoughts on issues such as how to provide a more inclusive worship experience for church members of different ages and with varied musical preferences, spiritual characteristics needed to follow God into the future, leadership development and how the church can maintain its “prophetic voice.”