How do you find a voice for God — one that conveys command and compassion, law and love, and never reminds you of someone pitching phone books or playing some unsavory character on screen?

Last year the company producing The Bible Experience: New Testament, read entirely by black celebrity voices, cast Samuel L. Jackson as God.

Now, Inspired By … Media Group is back with an Old Testament edition, set to go on sale in November as both a separate audio edition and part of the 72-CD “Complete Bible” edition.

This time a rich baritone with a faintly British accent starts “In the Beginning …”

The voice, unknown to most Americans, belongs to an African pastor, the Rev. Paul Adefarasin, 44. He’s the founder of a non-denominational megachurch, House on the Rock, in Lagos, Nigeria, which has 35 spinoff churches and ministries in Africa, Europe and England and a televangelism show broadcast in Lagos and London.