Dunbar Village

If you’re not up on Dunbar Village, then get with it.   While SCLC planned to “honor” Michael Vick but retreated, the NAACP wants to preserve Vick’s “ability to bring hours of enjoyment” to football fans.  Most of our constructive attention is directed to the Jena Six, but there’s been very little outcry about Dunbar Village

 Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have been conspicuously silent.  And churches are leading outdoor prayer vigils in Dunbar Village  while the actual residents look on from inside their homes

So what exactly happened….

On June 18th (two months ago!),  a 35-year-old woman was gang raped in Dunbar Village, a housing project in West Palm Beach, Florida.  But the story gets worse.

“She was raped repeatedly for over three hours by at least ten African American youths, while they brutally beat her son. Eventually the woman and son were forced to lie naked together in their bathtub and the woman was forced under gunpoint to perform oral sex on her 12-year-old son before the attackers poured cleaning solution on them, burning the mother’s skin and blinding her son. Not a single neighbor called the police and the woman and her son were forced to walk alone to a hospital.”

Gina McCauley from WhatAboutOurDaughters.org has been on the case helping to hold our “leaders” accountable for their failure to step up and encouraging all of us to do our part to bring attention to this matter.  As McCauley makes abundantly clear, “Michael Vick is a multimillionaire who is more than capable of defending himself.  Who is looking out for this poor Black woman in Florida trying to eek out a living selling Avon and delivering telephone books?” 

From the Mayor of West Palm Beach to hip-hop bloggers, she’s giving all of us the tools to not let crimes of lawlessness, neglect, and hatred against black women go unnoticed. 


Black Women, That Burning Cross on Your Front Lawn Was Brought to You By New Balance Shoes

New details in the Dunbar Village gang rape come out in court. You thought it couldn’t get worse? The attackers were looking for a lighter to set the mother and son on fire. They couldn’t find one.

I grew up in east Texas. I didn’t grow up reading about hatred. I lived it. I grew up surrounded by “sunset towns“. For those of you not from my neck of the woods, a “sunset town” is one you don’t let the sun set with you still in it if you are Black. They even had signs instructing Black folks when they needed to be gone except they did not call you “Black”. I drove through them and had to compete in sports on the playing fields of these sunset towns. Even today, if I have to roll through one, I make sure I am well below the speed limit and throw up a silent prayer that I don’t get a flat until I get across the bridge.

So as you can imagine, I got a very early introduction to the concept that there are people out there who will beat and kill me just because I am Black. Our mere existence offends them. I was about 12 years-old when Loyal Garner Jr., died down the road in Hemphill, TX. He managed to beat himself to death in a jail cell according to the grand jury. Yeah he managed to beat himself so badly according to my Aunt at the time ”they beat him so badly his brain was coming out of his head .” Every time I drive through Hemphill, my head hurts thinking about it.