“In the Black Panther party, we failed because we took God out. I beg you not to do the same thing.”

I know I needed to hear her words today. Thanks Davey D making her words available to the public.



Revolutionary Situation: 2Pac’s Mom Brings Serious Heat
Breakdown FM with Davey D
April 11, 2008

Afeni Shakur

Many people forget that 2Pac’s mother Afeni Shakur was a Black Panther who was really ’bout it ’bout it back in the days.

She was pregnent with 2Pac when she went on trial as part of the infamous NY Panther 21.

This sista has always put in work for the community, and while she did have some momentary setbacks which were described by 2Pac in some of his songs, after his death Afeni has emerged stronger then ever.

She is still a freedom fighter.

The other week she came to Memphis, Tennessee for the Dream Reborn Conference and delivered a blistering speech about the direction Hip Hop and Hip Hop activists must take going into the 21st century. She was quite clear about us owning land, starting our own businesses and being spiritually grounded. Her speech drew a rousing standing ovation. 2Pac’s mom is no joke.

Click here for audio of Afeni Shakur’s speech.